Charlie Plays Guitar

Filming Of Music Gigs In Doncaster, Leeds, Sheffield And Throughout Yorkshire

When your band is playing at a live venue, you know that you have the power to change how your audience is feeling. The best feeling in the world is to make the audience feel the electricity, making them elated or sad at your command. But, so often, poor filming of the event can mean that this electrifying feeling is lost in the transition to film.

Charlie and the Band

Video Studio is experienced in filming music gigs throughout Leeds, Sheffield and the Yorkshire region. We can arrange for multiple cameramen as needed, and our editing is designed to make sure that your video is cut to achieve the desired result.

Our editing equipment is nothing without experienced hands at the helm, and our personnel have wide experience of editing music gig videos in Doncaster, Leeds and Yorkshire.

If you wish to discover more, please call on (01302) 323764 for more details.

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